The Siege On Liperti Street to première at the 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

The Siege On Liperti Street by Stavros Pamballis, starring Daphne Alexander and Constantine Markoulakis, has been selected to be one of 17 films receiving their premiere in Thessaloniki as part of the Greek Film Festival 2019 program.

‘Austerity took everything but the roof over their heads, and today it will come for that too. But today, they will finally fight back, like a family with nothing left to lose.’

Running from 31st October to 10th November, the TIFF’s artistic concept for 2019 is The Overview Effect, a phenomenon that was coined by researcher and author Frank White: the effect aims to describe the unprecedented emotions that astronauts feel as they observe the Earth from space for the first time and perceive the world in its entirety, which in turn leads to a cognitive shift in awareness.

As part of a collaboration with the festival the film will also be available on the Cinando platform for up to three months following its showing, thus giving film professionals worldwide the opportunity to watch.