City Stories by James Phillips at St James Theatre

You have recently completed Hidden in the Sand at Trafalgar Studios. What are your underlying thoughts having played the part of Sophia, and now the run has concluded?
Sophia will always be in my heart. She was a challenge and an inspiration. I am sure I will look back in years to come and feel that playing her was a massive breakthrough for me both as a person and an actress.

What can you tell us about your character in City Stories and how she fits into the storyline?
I play Audrey, the third main female storyteller of City Stories. Audrey is faced with a set of extraordinary circumstances. She is the last person conscious in a world that is slowly falling asleep and, all alone in an empty London, she has 16 days to find the antidote… It is a thrilling adventure, moving and disturbing in equal measure.

St James Theatre is an intimate venue, how do you feel about performing ‘up-close’ with the audience?
As with Trafalgar Studios, where we performed Hidden in the Sand, St James’ Studio is a very intimate space. I love such small theatre spaces – feeling close to the audience and being able to communicate with them in this very personal way. It feels like they are part of the story and that by the end they are my friends and co-conspirators.

What are you excited most about being in this production?
I genuinely look forward to sharing these truly mesmerising tales with the audience. Also, the music is breathtaking, written and performed by a very talented musician called Rosabella Gregory.

Why should everyone get along to see City Stories?
City Stories are three magical tales about London. I think Londoners would love them! Both the music and the writing are beautiful and otherworldly and I truly feel that the audiences will be transported and inspired. Also, it’s in a cabaret space so you can enjoy a bottle of wine at your table!

What’s next for you?
Much, much more theatre I hope!

by Neil Cheesman,